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Vicious Circle

Vicious Circle
Bukkit Survival PVP Economy
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Vicious Circle [1.7] [Cracked] [Factions][PVP][Economy][Multiverse][Survival][Hunger Games][SkyBlock][Parkour][Mob Arenas]

•Server Name: Vicious Circle


•Server Address:

•Server IP:

•Game Play/Features : Survival, Economy, Factions, Lockettes, Grief Prevention land claims, Skyblock, Hunger Games, Spleef, Mob Arenas

•Worlds: In addition to the normal 3 worlds (Overworld, Nether & The End) we also have WildWest (Griefing/Raiding world), SkyWorld (Skyblock), WarZone (Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch etc) & Panem (Hunger Games)

Vicious Circle is a Minecraft 1.7 Server, in which you can have all the fun you like. We have friendly staff, a very nice spawn area with an Admin Shop in which you can buy many of the items in-game and also you can sell some items for extra $$$! Vicious Circle runs Multiverse and there are 4 extra worlds for extra fun!  The portal room to the alternate worlds is conveniently located downstairs at /spawn and there is also a portal near the spawn building exit that takes you to a warp room.  The warp room contains signs that take you many useful places or places of note, such as our spleef and mob arenas.

-Alternate Worlds-

WildWest: there are no rules in the WildWest! Griefing and raiding is allowed here and PvP is forced on! You always have to watch your back at the Wild West!

SkyWorld: This survival world is simple, survive and thrive with a very limited sky island and supplies to start.  Some people are surprised at just how far you can expand and how many items you can actually craft in such a scenario!

WarZone: This is our world for various types of war and PvP games.  Game types include things such as capture the flag and team deathmatch.  We are still expanding this world to bring our players even more exciting game modes in which to do battle!

Panem: This is our Hunger Games world.  Here you will find out Survival Games arenas.

At Vicious Circle our main goal is to create a fun Minecraft universe for our users to have fun in and enjoy so feel free to join the fun!

-Server Rules-

*Don't grief or steal. Either of these will get you banned.

*Don't Impersonate a Mod or an Admin. This can also get you banned.

*Don't ask to be a Mod or Admin, you will be warned first then banned if you continue asking. Those who ask to be a Mod or Admin will -never- be chosen to be one.

*Don't type in all caps. You will be warned or possibly jailed, kicked or banned.

*No racist or offensive comments, jokes, pixel art etc.

*Don't cheat others when selling, buying or trading items.

*Don't create redstone clocks that run unattended. They must have a mechanism to turn them off and should never be left running unattended. Cursing is allowed but keep it minimal.

*Respect other players, especially members of the staff.

*Don't use mods that give you an unfair advantage. This includes, but is not limited to: instant mining, x-ray and teleportation. If in doubt ask a Mod or Admin.

*Fly mods are also not allowed.

*Server Hardware: Intel Xeon E3-1245 V2 @ 3.40GHz,  SSD,  32 GB RAM, 300Mbps Internet

*Owner: Soth

*Admins: clydox , pabloescobar104 ,VydeoGoth, dafuq

*Moderators : xmonsterxgirlx, Sad_Statue, Frailties