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SonoraBuild is a seven-year old server with a unique branching rank system on a brand new, custom generated map. It's the perfect time to claim your land and get building! Soon, you'll be able to grow crops, hunt mobs,  and work your way towards becoming a millionaire!
You can use the Random Teleport Portal or the /rtp command to teleport out of spawn and start exploring. Start selling items at /warp shop to make money that you can use to buy wood, stone, and other building essentials, or even enchanted books from /warp bookshop. Want to sell your wares to other players? rent a shop at /warp pshops. You can claim a shop yourself by clicking a rent sign!
As you start ranking up, you will gain access to sell items at /warp rankshop. It may be helpful to check it out before choosing a career branch so you can learn what each rank is able to sell.
We now also have a metro station (/warp metro) that lets you take the train far out of spawn. New lines are under construction!
One of our newest features are custom items. We roll out more every now and then, so be sure to watch our discord for info. Join us at:
  • No scamming other players out of their items!
  • Don't fight with people who aren't willing to PVP.
  • Never, EVER grief. this results in an instant ban.
  • No raiding, either!
  • Do not ask for gamemode or special privileges. You won't get them.
  • Harrassment of other players is never tolerated. No sexism, racism, homophobia, or any other bigoted behavior.
  • Asking to be given a staff rank repeatedly will only make it less likely that you will be selected to be on staff.