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Ever wanted a server, where you could build anything? Do anything? That is friendly? Ready to help out? Has amazing staff? Is 24/7? Has protection plugins? Mob Arena? Hunger Games? Then this is the server for you! Follow the rules and you can do anything you like, build anything you like, and have access to loads of great features and server plugins!

We don't have a white-list so anyone can join!

All your creations are protected by our logging plugins!

Friendly Staff and Players!

We don't tolerate grief - AT ALL

Very active community and players

MCMMo, MCjobs, Towny and more!

Why choose us?

You can do what you want on our server (as long as you follow the rules), build what you want, and go where you want. We have a number of great plugins, including anti-grief plugins, Lockette Chest Protection, MC jobs, MCMMO, Mob Arena and more!

Plugins We Use

Use have
- Logblock
- Mob Arena
- Jobs
- Homes
- COMING SOON - HUNGER GAMES! - Join now to be a part of it!
- Towny
- And MANY more!

A bit About us

We have a very friendly environment and offer a host of unique game-play ideas. We have Two main worlds, the Newbie World and the Main World. All new players will start in the newbie world, and then only trusting and rule abiding players will be promoted. NOTE: You will usually be promoted within a few days as long as you are active. Once promoted you will have access to much more such as Mob Arena, Jobs, Ability to set more homes.
The Newbie world has a size limit but Main world doesn't. You can walk on forever and build where ever you like.
Some people will be asking why do this? Why limit new members? Well it helps to protect your creations against griefers and spamming and annoying people. We aim to give you the best environment possible to play this awesome game. Any griefing that is done, we identify who has done it, ban them straight away and then roll-back all their block changes with one simple command.