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Intro to the servers
MC Mania is a network of, currently, 4 servers and expanding! Plus, there is no need to log out and back in, just use the simple command /server on either of servers to move between them! Our servers are as follows:
Survival Island - The default server. This server has a capacity of 100 players at the moment, but can hold many more - it just depends on the amount of players! On this server, you can choose one of 3 island types:
- Survival Island, the default Survival Island played by the YogsCast with a few tweaks. It is a large sandy island floating in the air with a few hidden surprises!
- Ore Galore, a custom map made by Vantresillion and edited slightly by me, Cal_Of_Duty. It is a small SkyBlock-style island, with a few ores hanging down from the bottom for you to attempt to collect!
- HardCore SkyBlock, a custom map made by Vantresillion. It is a 3x3x3 dirt SkyBlock with 2 sand inside, a tree in the middle and a chest. This is not for the feint hearted!
When you begin, just choose the appropriate one, then do /spawn and read the info there!
Don't like living alone? Type /party to learn how to co-op!

The server features challenges, that can be viewed by clicking

The Survival Island server, due to the fact it has more capacity, is also host to the MiniGames aspect to the server. Here, a Host or another Staff Member can host games for you to enjoy, such as HungerGames! There are many other custom-made games and we are forever making more, help us out by throwing in some suggestions on the forums! We are planning on making the MiniGames world its own server, in time!

BattleGrounds - This is a fresh, unique PvP server bringing a whole new aspect on the way the game is played! In this server, players can kill other players in the arenas (go to them by typing /arena). When you kill a player, you earn a random amount of money, usually around $30. You can then spend this money in the shop at /spawn, to earn yourself:
- Armour
- Weapons
- Enchants
- Food
To aid yourself in combat, and be the best there is!

Vanilla - This is a semi-vanilla server in which you survive as you would in single player! With a few tweaks: It has its own custom map, an economy, and a few custom commands to add to the excitement.

Factions - A factions server with a twist: It has custom plugins, commands, its own economy and mcMMO! Fight to the death to make your faction the best!

The forums and teamspeak servers are the same used by Survival Island, they are global across the entire server network! Donations are highly appreciated and will help our network to grow even more!

Remember to read the /rules on both servers, and /help will be very beneficial to read! Thanks for reading, and happy Minecrafting!