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MineTexas Server Network

MineTexas Server Network
Bukkit Survival Creative Hardcore PVP Economy
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Server Address/IP:

Game Play Types:

  • - Casual CivilizationCraft [1.8]
  • - Semi-Vanilla No-Rules PVP [1.9]
  • - Semi-Vanilla Kit-PVP Arena [1.9]
  • - Full Creative plots [1.9]
  • - Semi-Vanilla Hardcore Deathban [1.9]
  • - Towny PVE [1.9]
  • - Faction PVP [1.9]
  • - Competritive CivilizationCraft [1.8]

Plugins Vary by Server

Rules for all Servers (Except Anarchy)

  • No Xray, Fighting/Flight Hacking
  • No Spamming, Excessive Cursing, or advertising.
  • No Combat Logging
  • No asking for: Warp, OP, extended permissions
  • Use Common Sense

Server Description: The MineTexas Minecraft Server networkis a locally owned and operated community based in the Dallas, Texas area. We are dedicated to providing the best Minecraft Server Community experience for all Minecraft Players. We do this by hosting a wide variety of Minecraft Servers. Each Minecraft Server we run is a custom tailored experience unlike any other Minecraft Servers out there, with unique people and Minecraft buildings and Minecraft worlds to explore. Our Minecraft worlds are your creative platform. Come find the Minecraft Server that best suits your favorite Minecraft Server play-style preferences. We're sure you can find a Minecraft Server to enjoy.

  • Aberon CivilizationCraft Casual Mode CivCraft, for those players not wanting to compete or perhaps are just learning how to play. See Rivendell for a complete description.
  • Anarchy Welcome to Anarchy, Minecrafters! Jump in and start running! You're going to want some distance between yourself and spawn because it isn't safe. We vowed to never reset this Minecraft server, and we're still holding to that three years later. Can you find the supplies you need to survive? Anything goes on this vanilla gameplay minecraft server! Nothing is safe, trust no one! There are several groups of players who have formed under groups, including the Empire, Anarchy Space Program(ASP), and the Spawn Builders Consortium(SBC. These player groups are not managed by the staff and are completely player created and
  • Arena PVP Test your skills in our command block powered Vanilla Arena. Drop into the arena from one of five locations and fight against other players in a sprawling multi-Biome custom Arena. When you get killed, just jump back through a launch tube at spawn to be placed right back in the action. Fight for items like coal and diamonds, which can be traded with NPC Villagers in the arena for better weapons and armor. This server is completely driven by command blocks, including the kits you spawn
  • Creative Plots Claim a plot and show off your creative skills. This server is usually very empty, with not many players to harass you with questions. Explore some imaginative structures and solve some of the puzzles others have
  • Hardcore PVP Welcome to the hardest minecraft server in our network. You have one life, and one life only. No do-overs, buy-backs, or rules. Come join the struggle to survive this hard mode, death ban minecraft server. The border is set at 10,000, and the land is pre-generated so there is no need for lag caused by land generation. Don't starve, don't fall, and use your head! Not for the faint of heart (Or PC) as this server runs the Minecraft amplified world generator.
  • Towny PVE Want a nice, quiet server without the fear of all your amazing structures getting griefed all the time? Towny PVE is for you. Run by one of the nicest Admin's you've ever met, our Towny PVE experience is for the imaginative individual. Kill monsters and search for rare minerals to sell to help expand your town's influence or buy up the building materials you need for that next structure you're planning.
  • Faction PVP Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. In this world, it's either group up or perish. Participate in raids on other factions, then sell their loot.
  • Rivendell CivilizationCraft Are you a fan of Sid Meier's Civilization games? CivCraft is a game that allows you to create your own Civilizations in Minecraft! Just like in the actual games, you have to research and build up your Civ, only it's first person, you can make diffrent tiered items, and you can talk to all of your Civ mates. CivCraft has its own special Materials you will need to use to get anywhere. You’ll want to start out by building a Camp. This will allow you to start getting all the things you need to make a Civ. The resources it takes will sound like a lot but time flies when you have friends to help! The point of the whole game is to make the biggest and best Civilization you can make. This is a very long term game. No matter what you are planning on doing with your Civ, you will have to be on often. For one you have to be able to pay for the Civ. It costs money just to own all of the buildings, But don’t fret! It isn't hard to earn money and if you keep the Civ small in the beginning its very cheap. When you’re first starting, it is smart to either read the wiki and have a sizable group of trustworthy friends, or join an already established Civ to learn. Well if this sounds like the game-mode for you, then go ahead and check out the Getting Started page!