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FroobWorld Semi-Vanilla

FroobWorld Semi-Vanilla
Vanilla Survival
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FroobWorld is a small and friendly server. We've been up and running for over 5 years now and, in this time, have evolved into a fairly laid back semi-vanilla server. Being semi-vanilla, we do use some plugins. The plugins we use are mainly measures for stopping griefing and cheating be problems, but we also use them so we can have home teleports and player-to-player teleporting.

Little bit of history:
FroobWorld started in 2011. When it began it was a very different place to what it is now. It was a muck around server where creative was given out to anyone that asked, we had 30 plugins and the map was almost entirely griefed. In 2012 we were a bit more experienced and we became a more respectable survival server, though we did still allow some people to have creative. In the later part of 2012 we turned to strictly survival, creative and item spawning was completely disabled. This is when FroobWorld began looking more like the server it is today. 2013 was a great year for the server, it was the year in which we gained many of the regulars which continue to play to this day, many of whom are now staff members. It was in 2013 that I would say we became a semi-vanilla server. Apart from a few minor details, FroobWorld has pretty much been the same server since.

We're a semi-vanilla server. This means that although we're not completely vanilla, we're pretty close to it. Everyone on the server plays in survival, creative and item spawning is completely disabled. Staff members have absolutely no advantage over other players, they only have the ability to perform staff duties such as checking reports and punishing rule breakers. Besides this, staff members are completely normal players.

Grey list:
FroobWorld is grey listed. This is different to being white listed in that anyone can join the server, but only those not on the grey list can build in it. When you first join you will be on the grey list, to get off of the grey list is a very simple process that simply involves reading the rules and typing one command. You will then need to be allowed off the grey list by a staff member. If there is one on at the time you will be taken off the grey list immediately, otherwise you will be taken off the next time a staff member is on. Usually it will take no longer than a couple hours if no one is on.

We like to keep our maps for a reasonable amount of time. Our last map lasted us for around two and a half years, and our current map will probably last a similar amount of time. When a major update is released we may expand the size of the map, though this depends on the size of the update. The maps are fairly large, they begin as 14,000 by 14,000 meter squares and when we expand they become a 28,000 by 14,000 meter rectangle. So there's plenty of room for everyone.

The people:
FroobWorld has a nice group of around 30 or 40 regulars. We're not a huge server, so the largest amount of people you will see on at any given time would be around 10 to 15 players. The players on FroobWorld are all quite friendly and very willing to help people.