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RaidHeaven [Semi-OP]

RaidHeaven [Semi-OP]
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---------------------------------------[RaidHeaven 1.6.2 Premium Server]------------------------------------




RaidHeaven is an outstanding 1.6.2 Premium Minecraft Server that is all about raiding, griefing and PvP.  The server is owned and maintained by Spintax, an owner with a great knowledge of commands, server mechanics and more, so the server will always be up to date with the latest plugins and accessories!




This is the first Semi-OP raid server, so if you're unsure about what that is, come join and see for yourself!  Thankfully, this is not a pay to win server, but if you donate you won't be disappointed by the awesome  donation perks you get!


We have a nice community, consisting of well behaved players that obey the rules and don't use foul or abusive manners/language, so you can feel safe upon entering the RaidHeaven server.





- GlobalShop

- Factions

- Awesome Donator Kits


Server Info:



100 Slots


2TB Memory

Great and Responsible Staff






Go to to donate to this awesome new Minecraft Server, and you will get epic donator perks and in game kits that will greatly enhance your playing experience!


Our donator ranks include the following (USD)


VIP $5

Premium $10

Titanium $20

Elite $35

Legendary $50

Platinum $75






This server is looking for Youtubers with 300+ to advertise!  If you meet the requirements and you choose to apply, you will get a YouTube rank along with some cool other perks such as kits, nicknames and in game commands!




Staff Members and Positions:


Owner: Spintax

Moderator: JasonRoblox


if you would like to apply for staff, goto the server website.  The URL is, and signing up on the forums will keep you up to date with everything going on in the server!




Additional Information




1. Respect all staff and listen to higher ranks above you (excluding donators)



2. Absolutely NO mods can be used except for Optifine, ArmorStatus HUD, PotionEffects HUD and TMI (For item ids in the globalshop)


Mods like Rei's Minimap will get you permananty banned, and even temp banned if we think you have the mod active.


3. Don't argue with staff decisions.


Staff decisons are FINAL, and if you are unhappy with the decision contact me or Spintax on skype. (My skype is Jason.Sway)


4. No hacked clients.


If you are caught with a hack client such as weepcraft or any other client, you will be permenantly banned for the reason "Hacking".


5. Follow the rules


This is just a heads up for if you don't follow the rules. If you don't follow the rules, you will most likely be banned from the server for either a temporary amount of time, or possibly even forever.


6. No abusive / racial behaviour In game and on the forums


Abusive and constant swearing will lead to a short ban, but racial slurs and racial behaviour could possibly get you banned forever.


7. No pornographic content.


On a server I was head admin on, I caught a lot of immature kids posting pornographic content on the forums and getting the victim in deep trouble in real life. So for gods sake, don't start that kind of stuff.


8. (Guideline) Follow all the formats for ban appeals, moderator applications etc.


If you don't follow the correct format in your application or appeal, your application will be rejected on the spot. Please use the given format.


9. Grief / Raiding is allowed


If you get raided or griefed, please don't start raging about it because it IS allowed on this server (hence the name RAIDHeaven)


10. No glitching or duplicating items


Don't take advantage of leaks in the economy or server glitches, if you find one please report it to staff and you might even recieve a nice reward for giving us the heads up!