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ThePeople Survival [EULA Compliant] [1.7.5]

ThePeople Survival [EULA Compliant] [1.7.5]
Bukkit Survival PVP
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Avatar Registered August 19, 2013

Anyone up for some anarchy?
Things We allow:
Griefing, Stealing, PvP


Rule 1: We do not tolerate racism!
Rule 2: Do not scam players.
Rule 3: Do not accuse people without proof.
Rule 4: Do not spam TPA's
Rule 5: Use english in public chat
Rule 6: Cheating will get you a free perm-ban.
Rule 7: No spamming/advertising.
Rule 8: Do not argue with mods or admins .

Rule 9: Do not ask for your stuff back after a PvP fight.
Rule 10: No AFKing at XP-farms.
Rule 11: Keep public chat PG-13
Rule 12: Do not kill new players
Rule 13: Respect our spawn area and do not grief near it.
Rule 14: Be respectful to other players.

Player slots: 115

Sever Description:

Our server brings a mostly pure, survival experience the way minecraft was meant to be played! We allow PvP, Greifing, and Raiding because why should we restrict people's game play? The server is here for your enjoyment, everyone is welcome as long as you do not cause problems. The rules on scamming are taken seriously and if caught you risk a perm-ban from our server. We do not run "stupid" plugins like economy, factions, or towny because we find those plugins to be disgusting. Players are prevented from combat logging so you will not have to worry about combat loggers. This server has no world boundaries so you can go as far out as minecraft will allow. There is no whitelist because we welcome all players into our server.


Our high grade, lag free server boasting a 800 mb/s connection is hosted in Kansas, USA. The world is stored on a solid state hard drive!

Feel free to ask questions about the server here. Posted Image

Server IP:

Teamspeak 3: