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The Nest [1.7.10/1.7.9][16+ Games]

The Nest [1.7.10/1.7.9][16+ Games]
Bukkit Survival Creative Hardcore PVP Roleplay Economy
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Survival - MCMMO - CraftBook - Factions - Creative - SkyWars - Hunger Games - Call of Duty Zombies - PropHunt - TntRun - Splegg - Paintball - Team Fortress 2 - Skyblock - Friendly Staff - Earnable ranks - Donor ranks

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Play in our fun factions Survival world! Great factions and fun members to fight/team up with! Loads of great ways to make money and buy/sell your items! Feel free to jump on into our huge survival world!

Ever tried to make your own mine and that poor old stone pickaxe just couldn't do the job? Well the more you mine the more you level up! The more you level up the longer your special ability works! If you get good enough at mining you might just find diamonds in your stone or dirt that you are mining or digging. Skill based training, all for you!

CraftBook is a heavily customizable plugin that adds a number of new mechanics to Minecraft with no client mods required. As one of Minecraft's oldest mods/plugins, it was the first to bring you Minecraft computers, Redstone ICs, moving bridges, and more! By more, we mean LOTS more!

Ever wanted to play with your friends but just couldn't get past all those dang griefers? Well now you can! Just make a faction and invite your friends to it! Claiming more land costs money so you're going to have to work to get your faction to being the biggest and the best! Be careful, other factions might not like that you made one, and they might want to take over what you have! Griefing isn't allowed so if they break anything be sure to report it!

Jump on into our creative world with 65x65 plots so you won't ever have to worry about running out of room to build again! Build whatever you want in the creative world on your own plot, you can even add your friends to come and help you build too!

Think Skyblock is fun? Try this out for size. Its a multiplayer version of skyblock and you are meant to build and survive on your island, but look out for the other players who are after you, the last player standing wins!

[u][b]Hunger Games[/b][/u]
I'm sure everyone knows about this well known minigame. Lots of people play it and almost every server has it. Run around gathering items and trying to kill the other players. The last player alive wins! Lightning will strike at each player to help you find them easier!

[u][b]Call of Duty Zombies[/b][/u]
Have you ever played the Call of Duty Zombies on Xbox or Playstation? Well, if not then boy have you got a fun time waiting on you! Earn points for killing zombies, and spend your points on buffs or weapons. Even find the pack a punch to make your gun stronger!

Such a popular minigame, but most servers don't have this one. Its a hide and seek minigame. There are hiders who hide as blocks and you are told what block you are so you can go and hide. Be sure to hide well because the seekers will want to find you and kill you so you can help hunt the other hiders along with them!

Ever thought about running on ground that wasn't exactly stable? Well, in this minigame you are trying to stay on the highest level you can. Run on top of the sand and try not to fall down through it, keep moving because you might fall into the other players streams too!

Splegg is a very fun minigame, it is a modification of the old spleef that everyone knew about and played. Well, now you need to take out your splegg gun and shoot those eggs at the other players. If the egg hits a block it breaks. Try to stay alive as all the other players are shooting at you!

Ever played paintball in real life? Well this paintball is hardcore. You earn money for shooting other players, and with this money you can buy upgrades to give you a slight advantage in the game. 4 lives per player, and 5 hits per life! Last team standing wins!

[u][b]Team Fortress 2[/b][/u]
Ever played the popular game Team Fortress 2 by Valve? No? Well in this minigame you are supposed to capture points from the other team! If you capture all the points you win! Be careful as there are classes that are stronger than others, lots of classes to choose from!

Ever thought about living on a floating island all by yourself or with your friends? Ever wanted to live off the land? Well now you can in the popular minigame where life is hard, and you have to use everything you are given to strive.

Ever wanted to just fight and not have to worry about gathering materials again if you lose? Well now you can! With the new kit pvp minigame you can fight to your hearts desire! Level is determined on your skill and you earn points for winning!

[u][b]1 vs 1[/b][/u]
Just wanna fight one another, and see who can kill each other the best? Now you can match up with some of your friends, or random match with random players in the server! Winning is recommended.

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