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Bukkit Survival PVP Economy
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Download the Curse Launcher:
Curse Search: Birchfalls Modded Survival
For FTB Launcher click legacy download under the red download button
FTB Pack Code: Birchfalls

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Welcome to Birchfalls Modded Survival! The low resource Modpack! Our server consist of 40-60 mods varying on our Light to Heavy Modpacks which are all compatible with our server! Build amazing homes and create insane magical advances all while in the comfort of a bukkit/forge environment. We have plugin and Mod capabilities making our server easy to adapt to as a first modded server! We offer features like /home, /spawn, /kit, and much more, we also allow currency and trading to be part of the game to allow players to start an economy and participate in being a "Wizard for hire" if they choose to. We have a custom launcher which is simple to use and automatically updates upon every release! There is something for everyone in our Modpack allowing each user to have fun and explore the world as they see fit! A list of our mods goes as follows: (Modpack Permissions are on the launcher news page and website)

  • Adventure Backpack By: Darkona
  • Another One Bites The Dust (AOBD) By: ganymedes01
  • BetterFps By: Guichaguri
  • Bibliocraft By:Mozzerello (Joseph "Nuchaz" Sinclair)
  • BiblioWoods By: (Joseph "Nuchaz" Sinclair)
  • BiomesOPlenty By: Glitchfiend, Adubbz, Forstride
  • Blood Magic By: WayOfTime, Derank Gaming
  • Carpenter's Blocks By: Mineshopper
  • Chisel By: AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN, Pokefenn, Asie, Cricket
  • CodeChickenCore By: ChickenBones
  • CodeChickenLib By: ChickenBones
  • Not Enough Items By:ChickenBones
  • Cooking For Blockheads: Blay09
  • CraftTweaker By: Stan Hebben
  • Decocraft By: RazzleberryFox
  • Doggy Style By: TheGoldVane
  • Dynamic Lights(Heavy pack) By: AtomicStryker
  • Et Futurum By: ganymedes01
  • Fastcraft By: sfPlayer
  • Fast Leaf Decay By: Olafski
  • FTBLib By: FeedTheBeast
  • FTBUtilities By: LatvianModder
  • Inventory Tweaks By: Kobata
  • Iron Chest By: progwml6
  • Item Blacklist By: DoubleDoorDevelopment, ClayCorp, Dries007
  • It's the little things By: zLepper
  • JourneyMap By: techbrew
  • Levels By: TheXFactor117
  • Malisis Core By: Ordinastie
  • Malisis Doors By: Ordinastie
  • Mantle By: mDiyo
  • MoVillages By: Pigs_FTW, The_WeatherPony
  • Natura By: progwml6
  • Neat By: vazkii
  • Not Enough Items By: ChickenBones
  • Not Enough Keys By: Mr_okushama
  • Open Blocks By: other_boq
  • Open Mods Lib By: other_boq
  • Pam's Harvestcraft By: Pam (Matrexsvigil), Rhodox
  • Railcraft By: CovertJaguar
  • SecurityCraft By: Geforce
  • Shaders Mod(Heavy pack) By: karyonix
  • SkinPort By: ZLainSama
  • Storage Drawers By: jaquadro
  • Tinker's Construct By: boni
  • Waila By: ProfMobius
  • WailaHarvestability By: squeek502
  • Wawla By: Darkhax

The only recommendation is having to install one mod manually, due to licensing and permissions Optifine could not be included but is vital to allow the pack to run on 2GB of RAM. Instructions are listed on the homepage of the launcher.