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Welcome to Sinister’s Faction Server!
before I get you all worked up over another boring faction server, this
one has fixes that other’s cannot have. It has a great and respectful
Owner. Hoping to have great staff as well. Staff will always be watched
over and must maintain respect to others. All players must maintain
respect. That is a golden rule I will provide to all players. Now, my
server is a server that many others are not.
My server is not pay to win.


read that correctly. This server does not have pay to win fuctions and
activities. Everyone on the server has the ability to get as good as the
donators. This being said, there is no MCMMO on the server, as that is a
trait often being followed by a bunch of donators having tons of.
My Server Consists Of The Following Plugins:


• Factions
• SilkSpawners (Everyone Can Use! Not Only Donors!)
• Auctions
• Lottery
• Combat Tag
• Anti Xray
• NoCheatPlus
• MultiUniverse
• Economy


There are a few other plugins, but are hidden due to privacy issues on the server


any other Minecraft Server, this server does require donations to stay
alive. We also really want good and amazing players to join! I believe
in equality in players. So, this means someone who is a donator, in my
book, is just as important as another player.


1. No Hacking.
2. No Disrespect
3. No Racism
4. No Sexism
5. No Mods That Give A Player An Unfair Advantage
6. No Asking For Mod As Soon As You Join
7. No Begging For OP.
8. No Threats To DdoS.
9. Limit The Swears.
10. Have Fun!
rules, in my opinion, are very easy to live by and go by. Please obey
them as they are very simple to read and very basic rules.
Staff Policies:


do believe having a great staff team results in a great server.
However, this doesn’t mean staff gets every permission known to man.
They do have to follow rules as well. Same for donors. Staff must be
over the age of fourteen to apply. (I prefer 18+) They must be deep down
respectful, responsible, and must have prior knowledge and experience
in running a Minecraft Server, and have advanced knowledge of how
Minecraft and Faction Servers Work. We do currently need staff. However,
please take into consideration the following:


will not read your application if it has poor grammar, spelling, and is
lying. If you are caught lying, you will be banned from my server.
Please don’t lie, I’d rather you tell the truth and me talk to you about
it, then me find out later and you be in bigger trouble.
Staff Positions Needed
x1 Head Admin
x1 Admin
x1 Moderator (Two Spots Taken)
Infinity Trial Mods
Infinity Builders
x3 Coders
x1 Plugin Manger (Besides Myself)
x1 One 18+ Person To Help Me Out With Legal Issues
Here Is The Staff Application Template You Must Use To Apply:
First Name:
Skype Name (Required):
Age (14+):
Prior Experience:
Knowledge Of Code?:
Respect Level 0/10:
Faction Knowledge?:
Why Should I Accept You?:
How Are You Different?:
Any Other Information (Tell Me About Yourself, I Like to Get To Know My Staff!):
please take another factor into consideration. I will not read your
application if it is one sentence per stage. Please take pride and joy
into your application, if you are seriously trying to get staff.


Trolls, Stay Away.
Youtuber Policy:


you would like to record videos on my server or even make a series out
of it, that would be fantastic! I will be making a series out of this
server as well. I am, TheWalkthroughKiller on youtube.
However, you must have at least 100 subs to apply. This is a very low limit, and I could increase it, but alas, I am a nice guy.


Thank you for choosing Sinister’s Faction Server! I hope you enjoy it when it is released!