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Brawl is an extensive Minecraft community which offers a wide variety of entertaining and unique server gamemodes. Brawl gamemodes currently include: Call of Duty, DayZ, Mario Party, Survival Games, Survival Games with Guns, Counter-Strike, Survival, Creative, and Skywars. Along with these servers, we have our own website, forums, and TeamSpeak server. Log on today to start playing with us!

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An iconic and popular video game, Mario Party has been played by millions of people worldwide, has always been a part of our lives. Now it is back, but in Minecraft. Enjoy a variety of challenging and fun minigames, win coins, buy abilities and compete against other players to become the top player!


MC-War is a gamemode based on Call of Duty. Instead of using your typical Minecraft bow and arrow, we have a custom coded system plugin that allows you to shoot lethal snowballs at your opponent. Rank up and kill other players to buy new guns and equipment, and let off killstreaks to be the best!


MC-WarZ is based off the popular zombie survival game, DayZ. Hop onto the server straight away, and immediately fight your way through zombies to find loot in towns, including guns and melee weapons. We use a custom coded plugin that allows your tools to shoot lethal snowballs to kill zombies. Be sure to watch out for those bandits!


Survival PvP:

Brawl Survival PvP is an instant soup based survival server. Our plugin allows you to create teams and collaborate with friends to make bases and thrive together to fight your enemies. As well as this, no one is safe with the ability to create trackers, and hunt down your opponents, and their bases. Also with our economy system, you can easily sell and buy items.


Survival Games:

Brawl Survival Games is a spin off of the very popular Survival Games gamemode in Minecraft, only with a Brawl twist. This server uses classic Minecraft items such as swords and bows to battle it out in intense and fast paces Survival Games rounds. Similar to our Survival Games with Guns server, earn coins by killing other players to buy kits to help you out at the start of the game.


Survival Games with Guns:

Brawl Survival Games with Guns is a Survival Games influenced server, but with guns instead! Sponsors will reward you with a carepackage when you go on killstreaks, as well as spectators, you can give you items. Get kills, earn coins, buy kits and win!



Brawl Skywars is an extremely fast paced and fun gamemode on our network. With our custom plugin, we have sponges that can fly you forward into battle, as well as kits to buy with coins at the beginning of the game, to help you out in your fights. Log on, and get straight into the fight!



Want to build together with some friends or by yourself, without getting griefed? Brawl’s Creative server is the place for you. Once you claim your own building area, you can collaborate with them on a project, by adding them to your plot. With this, you can apply for ranks on our forums, which allow you access to bigger plots, and even World Edit, an essential building tool.




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