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Bukkit Survival PVP
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Amazocraft PVP is a Full PVP battle that Rages Day and Night with anything from TNT To Blade Vs. Blade. Hop on any time to join the action.

Factions: Team up with friends to create a mighty and powerful Empire or be a rebel and fight alone as a silent and deadly killer. Or become a traider, infiltrate a faction and take them down from the inside.

MCMMO Skills: Fighting not your thing? Strive to have the highest level in any almost any skill of your choice, or conquer them all.  Skills allow users to rank up in certain tasks and earn bonuses when performing certain actions! Their are Currently 8 skills to Master ranging from woodcutting, to herbalism, taming, and more! Each skill gives you an advantage in that category. High excavation levels give back diamonds, glowstone, cobwebs, and more from dirt.

Global Reach: We have Players from all over the World. So no matter your Time Zone their is sure to be someone to Play with.

What is not allowed:
- Spamming
- Modified version of the Minecraft Client.
- Advertising
- Excess swearing
- Killing sprees
- Insults to the staff
- Excess player to player insults
- DO NOT "COMBAT LOG" (First offence 1 day ban and so on.)

What is allowed:
- Killing
- Faction wars
- Raiding
- Griefing (only player built structures, no world trashing.)
- Constructive criticism
- Helping out when staff is not online
- Reporting Hackers
- For Complete List of rules head over to our website here.

The Plugins below will effect the player game play the most. Our Plugin Developers are always creating  custom plugins to improve Gameplay.

- Factions
- No cheat
- McMMo
- Essentials
- World border
- Mob Bounty

Please Feel Free to Leave a Comment about your server Experience.