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Website is a mature, multi-server Minecraft driven community with the Survival server as a major part. Developed by the community, for the community!

Welcome to Survival Multiplayer server! Our server offers a unique survival experience, in which you'll be able to hunt with friends, create clan wars, participate in bi-weekly events, be an active member of our functional economy, progress through our ranking system & much more. 
This is a survival server where almost anything goes; fancy blowing up someones base? Perhaps you're more of the stealthy type and would prefer to hunt your opponent whilst getting ready to deal that killing blow. Here at fCraft we allow for you to choose your own game-play style; if it turns out killing isn't your thing, then try out our Creative Multiplayer server instead!

Make sure to visit our forums to get calibrated at and sign up. We welcome all players, however we only keep the ones who are nice and follow our rules, of course! You can also find all the information at

Our community is connected in many ways! Our forums first of all, and we also have a Steam Group, fCraft Official, a YouTube channel,, a twitter feed, @fCraft and an IRC channel for each server, with SMP's at #fCraft.SMP on the network.

Come and join our community! We hope to see you soon at, Stay a while and survive! Services