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Erecia | Medieval | Roleplay| Events| Races | Jobs

Erecia | Medieval | Roleplay| Events| Races | Jobs
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Erecia is a medieval Minecraft Roleplay server.

We are here to provide you with the best minecraft roleplay experience out there! without loosing out on the building and exploration that makes minecraft even more fun and enjoyable!



Roleplay elements:

Erecia offer many fun roleplay elements including but not limited too:
custom jobs - We have put permissions for several jobs to make trading useful and enjoyable

We have spent days creating the entire continent in WorldPainter. Checking if everything was perfect. Then going over everything afterwards ingame with voxelsniper to get that perfect feel of an amazing costum terrain!

We have many useful and fun plugins installed on the server:

Bookshelf - store all kinds of books inside bookshelves
Chairs - sit on chairs and slaps
Cannons - build and fire cannons with tons of different kinds of ammonition
Coreprotect - allows us to check, rollback and enforce griefing!
FishChecker- we check for previous bans = a lot less griefers are accepted onto the server!
FirstjoinPlus - you only spawn in the rules room the first time you join.
Headdrops - get mob and playerheads when you kill them with iron swords.
Herochat - adds chat channels. use global, local and whisper chats to communicate!
LWC - ensures protection of your goods and houses
Ships - pay a Shipwright to build you a proper ship which you can sail on the ocean!
TreeAssist - Lumberjacks get access to TreeAssist - cut down entire trees by destroying bottom log.

and many more

A proper roleplay server must have frequent events.
And Erecia is no exception.

We frequently have:
PvP events - Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, One man army, mob arenas and many more!

More Recipes:
haven't you always wished you could get those fun items such as chainmail armor, cobwebs, mossy and cracked stones?

On Erecia you can do just that.
See our costum recipies here:

Currently on Erecia we have the following races:

and Dwarves

With a mystery race or two coming soon!

Join or create your own guilds.

Some guilds will get a dedicated area on the map e.g.

Islas Piratas - (islands to be dedicated to pirates)
A bandit fortress in the wilderness
The mages island (mages will be added at a later time.)

Nicknames and biographies:

All registered users can write a biography on the forums, when approved by a moderator or higher they will change your ign to the nickname you chose in your biography.

No lag. at all!
Due to our very expensive dedicated host and the incredible server specs. This is the smoothest server i have ever seen and played on.


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