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Life In The Woods 4 ALL[HUNGRY|MOD]

Life In The Woods 4 ALL[HUNGRY|MOD]
Bukkit Survival PVP
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04.Oct.2014  Last Day!

Map Download Link  (.zip)


THIS IS A MODDED SERVER for Life in The Woods Hungry Modpack by Phedran !!!



This LITW Server run settings that are:
HARDER than BASIC version
EASIER than HUNGRY version 

Having Problems with Modding Minecraft?

Download our Minecraft Launcher with Forge and all the Mods pre-installed and the server already in the List.

Just Unzip and Play.

(click on image to download .zip-file)


  1. Unzip to desktop
  2. Open Folder
  3. Double Click on MinecraftLauncher.exe
  4. Login to Minecraft as usual
  5. Select FORGE as your Profile (bottom left corner before clicking Play)
  6. Select Multiplayer
  7. Connect to LITW4ALL Server (already in List)

THIS IS A MODDED SERVER for Life in The Woods Hungry Modpack by Phedran !!!


Solutions for Login Problems/Error Messages @ Login:
Error: You do not have FML installed, you cannot connect to this server
Solution: You need to install Forge onto your Minecraft. Download this file. Double click it to start and select Install client. Then click the install button. No other changes are needed (assuming your minecraft is installed in the normal folder on your computer). For more details watch the Tutorials Video below.

Error: The server requires mods that are absent or out of date on your client
Solution: You need to copy and paste the contents of the Life In The Woods Hungry Modpack .zip file into the newly created mods folder inside your .minecraft installation folder. (it will be created after installing Forge and starting MC at least once with the new Forge Profile selected) Make sure you have the HUNGRY version (not Basic). Then set your Profile to FORGE.

Error: Protocol Error
Solution: Make sure you have selected the Forge profile and on the bottom right corner of the MC Launcher it says:
"Ready to play Minecraft 1.6.4-Forge9.11.1.956" ________________________________________________________________________________

The 1st Public Life In The Woods (LITW) Modpack server (+ Bukkit plugins).

You need to install Phedran's LITW Hunger modpack on your client to play on this server. Currently can only run on 1.6.4

We also allow cracked clients to login.

Video tutorial on how to install LITW step-by-step on your client:

Link to LITW modpack site:

If you experience crashes of your client after following all the steps in the tutorial video:
1.) Restart your computer and try to launch MC with the Forge Profile selected 2.) Read crash report - if block IDs are conflicting you can go to the 'config' folder, which is located within your normal '.minecraft' folder, and open up the config file of the mod that is conflicting so you can change the block ID to something that does not cause a conflict - choose a random number.
3.) Contact me for help via Skype: ExtremHybrid

THIS IS A MODDED SERVER for Life in The Woods Hungry Modpack by Phedran !!!