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SC-PVP[MARCH 7 2014 NEW MAP[Factions][mcMMO][Raid]

SC-PVP[MARCH 7 2014 NEW MAP[Factions][mcMMO][Raid]
Bukkit Survival Creative Hardcore PVP Economy
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For the most up to date news and information, please visit out website at

SwaggerCraft (also known as SC-PVP) has been running continuously since September 2011!
SwaggerCraft is a raiding and PvP server. Obviously it is running Factions. There is NO chest protection. It is up to you to build a secure base to protect your items. Most raiding glitches are allowed. The world border is 10,000 in each direction with Spawn located at 0,0. Nether Portal creation is disabled but there are portals in Spawn. There is a shop at Spawn where you can buy (and sell) most things, including enchants. 
Our staff strives for fairness. Staff powers are adjusted so they have no game advantages over other players. The staff group is hand picked by me and if you have any issues with someone, please let me know.
Full plugin list:
  • Factions - Team up with other players to build a base and protect your land. Try to raid other players' bases with TNT and creeper eggs and take their land.
  • Factions+ - Adds more functionality to Factions such as faction warps.
  • mcMMO - Level up a variety of skills such as mining, woodcutting, swords, and archery. Leaderboards are also in place.
  • CombatTag - Punishes those who try to log out during combat. It also blocks certain commands from being used while tagged.
  • ObsidianDestroyer - Gives Obsidian durability allowing it to be destroyed by TNT and creepers. Takes a lot of TNT/Creepers to blast through Obsidian.
  • DynMap - A semi-live updating map of the world. Shows all Faction land claims but hides the faction names. This makes it easy to find a territory to raid. 
  • PvPStats - Leaderboards for kills, deaths, k/d, and killstreaks. 
  • Hunger Games - You have seen the movies (or read the books). Last man standing wins a cash prize that can be used in the Faction world.
  • PlayerHeads - A player has a rare chance to drop their head on death.
  • Mob Arena - Kill waves of monsters and custom bosses to win TNT, Obsidian, Creeper Eggs, and more to be used on the Faction world.
  • FloAuction - Auction off your rare item(s) to the whole server for cash.
  • CustomEnchants - Adds some new and interesting enchants to add more variety to PvP.
  • VirtualPack - Adds virtual chest, crafting table, furnaces, brewing stands, enchanting table, and anvil accessible anywhere with a command. Must have a certain [Rank] to use.
  • MagicChest - Sort your chest with a command, no client modifications needed! Must have a certain [Rank].
  • Horses - Easily manage your horse(s). Summon it easily with a command.