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Hello And Hey There!

We are yet another Minecraft Bukkit Server, so you must ask yourself "Why must I join this Server? There are Many Other servers Of More Than hundreds!". Well, Read This And Find Out For Yourself :sick:

Welcome to SwanxCraft ,

We Have A Good Server Which Has Factions | Survival | Minigames | Creative | KItPvP
We Have A Good Team Who Make Sure The Server Runs ,
We Try To Give Our Players a Good Experience Playing Here,

@Factions as You all Know is A PVP World (or if you dont know)

-- Factions is a Bukkit plugin in which adds a Team Base concept to the game. With Factions, you can go to War with an Enemy, build epic bases , and work together to become powerful.

-- You can think of factions as 'Clans' you might say. Its a group of people who work together in PvP, and Survival. Whether it is fighting an enemy, or gather materials for a base.

@Survival Is A Peaceful World With No PvP(it isnt Enabled)

Survival mode is the game mode of Minecraft in which players must collect resources, build structures, battle mobs, manage hunger, and explore the land in an effort to survive.


We Have

-TnT Run
-Bow Spleef
-Draw My Thing
-CTF (Capture the Flag)
-Super Smash Mobs
We Would Add More Soon :sick:


You warp to a Plot Of Your Own .. You can Build only in your plot (Express Yourself :sick: )
You get Gamemode 1 (Creative) .. Have Fun o'r there :sick:


you get warped to a Arena and Fight Using a Kit
You can Unlock Kits Through Earning Achievements [They are Not The Usual Achievements]
It Would be an Open Arena Where Fights would go on for Many Hours


#Our Server Runs On SwanxMoney [In-Game] Money
#Donator Perks Are Listed In The Website
#Server Isnt 24/7 Yet .. A Donation Would Be Helpful

Come Play And ENJOY!

This Adventure , Is Your Choice  ~TeamSwanx

Server IP :