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YomoCraft Direwolf20 1.7.10

YomoCraft Direwolf20 1.7.10
Tekkit Survival PVP
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Name: YomoCraft
Max Slots: 120
Game::Survival - PvP - Direwolf20
Web Site And Forum ( Forum Will help Cracked User to join): [URL][/URL]
Through the website, players will find a guide to get cracked on the server.
For older computers or older, the forum is a guide for fix the drastic drop of FPS (including some mods).
Concts: You can found it on the website.

[B][I] We have disabled some items:.[/I][/B]
Banned Items:
[Spoiler]Mining laser
Earth Protection Poppet
Water Protection Poppet
Fire Protection Poppet
Hunger Protection Poppet
Tool Protection Poppet
Death Protection Poppet
Voodoo Protection Poppet
Voodoo Poppet
Vampiric Poppet
Poppet Protection Poppet
Armor Protection Poppet
Enchanted Broom
SPAMR Launcher
Tracking Self-Propelled Anti Material Rocket
Self Propelled Anti Material Rocket
Wooden Rapier
fishing rod 5080
Death Hand

How to Join the server Premium:

[*]Go on [URL][/URL]
[*]Downlaod the Launcher
[*]Open and click "Create Profile"
[*]Insert your login details
[*]Select Direwolf20 1.7.10
[*]Click on play

It contains 146 mods, than wait that it load.

Come accedere al server[[B]Cracked[/B]]:

[*]Go on the forum of YomoCraft for the link of the launcher
[*]Scaricate il Launcher
[*]Open and click "Create Profile"
[*]Insert the nickname that you want
[*]Select Direwolf20 1.7.10
[*]Click on play
Lag Problem??
]#That guide will help you

[*]Press "ESC"
[*]Go in Options
[*]Video Settings
[B]Impostazioni Video:[/B]
Graphics(Grafica): [I]Fast(Veloce[/I])
Smooth Lighting (Luce Soffusa): [I]OFF[/I]
3D Anaglyph: OFF
GUI Scale:Normal
Brightness(Luminosità) : What you want
Particles(Particelle): [I]Decreased o Minimal[/I]
Use VSync: OFF
Anisotropic Filtering: OFF
Render Distance: 5 Chunks
Max Framerate(FPS Massimi):[I] Unlimited[/I]
View Bobbing: OFF[
Advanced OpenGL: OFF
Clouds(Nuvole): OFF
FullScreen(Schermo intero):[I] What you want[/I]
Mipmap Levels: OFF
This is important, warning!
[*]Press "J"
[*]Select "Options" in the menù
[*]Go in Minimap Preset 1
[*]Decrease the number of entities in the minimap show
[*]You can also disable everything and leave only the minimap with the visibility of Players.
After reload the launcher.[/B]

1.The Launcher crashed after clicking Play and check the error: "Not Respond", what to do?
-Just wait;the launcher contains numerous mods, therefore, wait until these are loaded.
2.The server tries staff?

3.Can I get in touch with the staff?
-Certainly, the contacts are on the site of YomoCraft.

Some admins, such as:
They will play in the game, then will have the survival mode.
However, if the user requires assistance, are fitted Op only in case of emergency