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EmeraldBattleCraft [Hard] [PvP] [Raiding]

EmeraldBattleCraft [Hard] [PvP] [Raiding]
Vanilla Survival PVP Economy
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[Hard] [PvP] [Raiding]

Unique Plugins, but still more vanilla than most other servers! While our gameplay is fully vanilla, we made Emeralds more useful and opened a way to let the dragon respawn out of his egg. Everyone tries to get his hand on the legendary egg and achieve as much Emeralds as possible. 

Build your towns and find others or just achieve wealth to be the strongest on the server - endless options! 

The worldborder is set to 30.000 blocks to give you a small and enhanced experience in raiding and surviving, everything is close to you! 

There a no commands to achieve our enhanced minecraft features beside of /sethome, /home and /spawn and some little adds. 

All natural spawned Villagers, have different and useful offers as well as emeralds are more common (you get more out of the ores), to balance and add a realistic economy. 

To respawn the dragon you have to find the holder of the dragonegg and get your hand on it, then bring it back to the altar in the End and place it on top of the highest sockel and put lava over it, to start the 3 days breeding process! 

Last, we actually have no rules, beside of one: 

Our Rule #1: What is possible, is allowed to do! 
- You can raid everyone, grief everything, pvp with others, fool others, betray others, trick others, etc.! 

And yes the server is really hard, you will have a hard time to survive in the night! Mob spawns are huge and the damage they deal since Mojangs update is incredible. We suggest you to being a PRO.