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Factions - Custom RP System - Classes - Races - Questline - Economy and Jobs - Lore - Gods
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Minecraft Version: 1.4.4
As we are developing features for the server, we are in Beta.
==What Is CascadeRP?==
CascadeRP is a serious role playing server set in the world of Agathar, with the aims of being realistic, family-friendly and a great place to do what you do best, play minecraft!
We are developing a custom role playing system with classes, races, spells, characters and much more!
On CascadeRP, you can become a lethal Assassin, powerful Paladin, a wise Mage or a pure of heart Cleric, the choice is entirely yours! Players even get a choice in how they earn a living. Once way is to get a job; A Miner, Farmer, Blacksmith, Alchemist or a Mercenary! The other way is to sell your wares that you have collected on your epic adventures across the continents of Agathar!
==Where is it set?==
CascadeRP is set in the ancient world named Agathar, with a rich lore and setting. The current capital city is Avalon, among Hugorian plains smack bang in the centre of Agathar. This world is home to several races, some young and some old, each with their own bonuses and unique traits; The Bluerise Union, The Whitemoon Order, The Straybark Clans, Blackplate Bands and The Redsnare Tribes.
==Sounds Awesome! How Do I Join?==
The way that we do things here at CascadeRp is that anyone can join, but you will get limited accessibility to the server, you won't for example be able to chat, break blocks, place blocks or die. To get the full experience and possibilities of CascadeRP, you'll need to fill out a short form on our website ( As soon as we receive this form, we'll review it and approve it or deny it. You will receive a confirmation of our choice.
==How Does The Server Work?==
As we are going to run a custom RP system, we have some unique features. When you apply for the Hero rank (see above), you will choose a class, race and a profession. These will be set when we approve your application, for you to use when in-game!
Each class has unique abilities, which you unlock when you level up. To level up, you need to kill monsters and players. You will also gain a skill point when you level up, these can be used to increase different skills, such as Swordsmanship, Health and Mana Regen. Each player gets Health, which is like a shield, blocking all incoming damage. However, once that health is depleted, you will take real damage to your health bar.
Once you've gained enough money, you will be able to create a Faction, a group of warriors who collaborate to achieve common goals and vanquish mutual enemies. The faction leaders will be able to claim land, which is protected against all non faction members.
We also run a custom chat system, with an area chat as default, to retain the role-playing feel. You will also be able to chat globally, which will cost a certain amount of money. When you chat, your character's neme given by application will be displayed, enhancing the role-playing feel. Staying in character is encouraged when chatting in public, but retaining a casual language is acceptable when using the mail system.
Depending on your race choice, you will become aligned with a certain god, each god gives different bonuses and gifts. If you are in need of something, you can ask your god very nicely. It is a good idea to build a good-looking shrine in your territory and sacrifice valuables when you request something.
When you join for the first time, you'll spawn in a library, holding information about the server, you are welcome to take all books presented to you.