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Simplistic MC

Simplistic MC
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Simplistic MC is a Enhanced Vanilla experience, where we aim to provide you the community the choice in how you want the server to run, a server for the community by the community! We would love for you to come by and check our server out :) 



1. No hacks of any manner

2. Be polite and respectful to all players and staff

3. Griefing will not be tolerated

4. Do not destroy, add to, or alter other player's creations or blocks

6. Limit the amount of mobs in a farm to 30-50 (includes passive and friendly mobs)

7. Before building in a town, make sure you get permission from the town owner

8. Control your language to a reasonable level, no need for unnecessary language

9. Control your use of caps lock to reasonable levels


Try To:

1. Not build 1x1 towers

2. Not build sky bases close to spawn

3. Not build pixel art close to spawn

4. Build all nether portals at the nether hub height Y:114

5. Inform staff members of prolonged inactivity



1. Have fun :)

2. Build anywhere in the wildness

3. Connect your base to the netherhub

4. Ask staff if you need any help

5. Report anyone you believe to be breaking the rules, you will receive full anonymity.

6. Join the teamspeak server


Disclaimer: Staff members at their discretion can at any time revoke any privileges from members/staff due to consistent rule breaking.




  • You will usually receive 1 warning after committing an offense.

  • You will then be banned for 1 month after committing an additional offense, appeal must be made.

  • If you commit another bannable offence you will be permanently banned, once an Owner has personally reviewed the case.


Disclaimer: By joining the server you in turn agree to these conditions and that staff at their discretion can ban anybody committing offenses. All warning and bans can be requested at anytime by any member of the server, please allow 24 hours for your request to be processed.