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Zedwork Zurvival

Zedwork Zurvival
Vanilla Survival
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Zedwork is a secure, semi-vanilla Minecraft Server with an emphasis on community and collaboration. We were tired of all the grief filled servers out there and wanted to make something different; something completely grief free!

Zero Grief

There's no grief. Not only do we prevent grief before it can happen with claim protection, but we will typically catch, and ban, those up to no good extremely fast.

We encourage community spirit, and don't take kindly on griefing, stealing or PVPing in an non-civil manner. PVP is allowed, but have some respect about it. Surprise attacks on players who are building, or going about their business is not accepted practise here. The Guardians will step in if they see your behaviour as unsavoury.

Plenty of resources

Players always start in a resource rich environment alongside other players just starting out. No more walking hundreds of blocks out of spawn before you can build. No more searching for caves, only to discover they've already been stripped of all valuables. With Zedwork, you're dropped right in with other players who want the same as you: to find a nice spot to build; and you're never far from trees and other natural resources to mine.


We are vanilla. This does not mean no plugins, completely unprotected. What we mean is there is a focus on the core Minecraft experience. There are no game-changing plugins; nothing to distract from simply playing Minecraft.


If you would like to know more about the protection on offer, or how to get around the world, we have a collection of help files available on our website:

We also have some lovely forums, which you are encouraged to go on and get involved in the conversation:

We are aiming to grow in size very rapidly, and are eager to build our world and our community up with you. Come and join us!