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Faxion Penitentiary

Faxion Penitentiary
Bukkit Survival PVP Roleplay Economy
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Faxion Penitentiary is a one of a kind Prison server with tons of extra features to give you a wide variety of things to do. There many ranks inside the prison and out you can purchase with in game money. There are 4 cell blocks inside the prison there are: Prison Ranks [A] This is the starting cell block. As a prisoner you have to work your way up by selling different items to the prison shop to get money.There are many other ways to make money around the prison but you will have to find out how yourself. You can unlock different features with the money you earn such as ranks, access to different mines, and different items. This cell block is high in pvp, the mines, tree farm  crafting/smelting area, and cells are not pvp, The perks of being an A prisoner are included, but not limited to: - access to 2 stone/coal/iron mines -ability to rent private cells -ability to rent private smelting rooms - access to the birch tree farm - ability to join factions [C] This is the second cell block you will unlock in the prison. PvP is only enabled outside of the cell block buildings. Unlocking this cellblock will get you access to, but is also not limited to the following: -the fishing hole -a new mine with different ores/blocks -the wheat farm -personal rent-able wheat farms -access to possible escape routes -C block shop with new items to buy/sell -access to moderate factions ability to create shop signs -access to the black market to rent shop plots [D] This cell block is the third block you will unlock in your journey through the prison. There is less PvP here and many new features are unlocked as well  -Ability to create Factions - access to a new mine with diamonds and other ores -access to the mob farm -access to the D block server shop -better cells for rent -much more [F] This is the last cell block before you get set free. There is no pvp on this cell block and this area has access to many new things such as: -Pig farm - Melon/pumpkin farms -upgraded nether mine with a mixture of tons of other blocks -upgraded cells -much more Free Ranks These ranks can be obtained when you leave the prison to give you a variety of new things to do to keep you playing after you are set free. Outside of the prison the server is a Faction based Survival server with no raiding or grief. The following ranks can be unlocked with in game money: [Parolee] [Felon] [ExCon] [Citizen] Guard Ranks Guard ranks can be obtained by submitting an application on our forums. There are 6 prison guard ranks. These roles are not for everyone, only for people who show leadership skills and are trustworthy of maintaining the prison and enforcing prison policy. The following ranks are obtainable by guards, all guards start their training on A block. [A-CO] [C-CO] [D-CO] [F-CO] [H-CO] [Police]