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Too much text down there? Here is a shortened top ten list of why you should consider joining this server: 

1) Mature and helpful community. We have many players around the age of 20. This is not just a server. This is a community. We are all friends. We help each other. 

2) MCMMO! And not just the usual unbalanced mcmmo. We have a themed RPG style ladder system of mcmmo. As a Peasant of the realm, you can only choose a profession that befits your rank. Be a farmer, or a woodcutter or a miner. Work and rank up to Squire! And then choose a combat skill to train! Rank up to a Knight or a Lord of the realm and unlock all skills! 

3) Intricate and detailed adaptive economy and pricing that changes periodically. 

4) Custom sensible crafting recipes for things that mojang forgot about. Saddles, chainmail nametags etc. 

5) Minecraft too easy? Try your skills on our custom bosses. No matter how OP you are. Some of them will kill you. You have been warned. 

6) Over 40+ Custom new Enchantments to apply to your gear! Strike your foes down with lightning! Steal the life force from your enemies! Throw them back into the air or freeze them into a block of ice!  

7) NO DONOR RANKS - Because money shouldn't be a shortcut in life. And in a game. 

8) We play intense minecraft. Most players are very experienced. We do not just survive in survival. We make empires. 

9) Immersive and enriching plugins. Want chairs in your house? Bleeding mobs? Elevators for your builds? Heads? Heavy armour that slows you down? We have all this and more! 

10) Tired of dirt and cobble box houses? Our server has a significant number of gifted builders. Join the community and play better. Be a part of great things. 


AZELCRAFTMC is a Dedicated Towny 1.12.2 server with customised RPG ladder style mcMMo professions, talkative NPCs, a fine-tuned balanced economy that changes to reflect server trends and many gameplay enhancing, realistic physics and various new logical crafting plugins. Ever wonder why you can't craft chainmail or saddles, horse armour etc in minecraft? Now you can!

Do you think minecraft is too easy? Most of our community did. We have CUSTOM MOB BOSSES with powerful abilities that have a chance of dropping incredibly powerful loot. Fortune 5 pickaxe? Invisibility cloak? All within your reach. Only if you can defeat the bosses.

We recognise that TOWNY servers revolve around the economy and we have spent many months fine tuning our balanced economy that rewards every kind of gameplay and blends perfectly with our professions style implementation of mcmmoThis is to encourage a diverse playing experience. Do you like farming? mining? chopping wood? hunting mobs? fishing? Our economy rewards you in a balanced measured manner, no matter what you choose to do.

Are you sick of the Pay To Win servers out there? The ones who give donor ranks so many perks that the game no longer has any point? What is the point of playing survival minecraft with players who can fly? have god mode? creative mode? Look no further. We have NO DONOR RANKS. We are against the pay to win philosophy employed by some servers. We believe that donation is a matter of choice, and donors AND non donors should and must enjoy a rich minecraft experience. Our balanced and enhancing donor perks are balanced and applied to players separately. There is no class based division of players.

We have an entirely unique economy system never seen before of an evolving economy where towny prices and shop rates change periodically depending on the economic conditions prevalent at the time. We also generate lore based random economic changes in our server to introduce variety and reward players. Attentive players who analyse the changing economy will find a new way to make an incredible profit each month.

We have more than a hundred carefully prepared, tested and selected plugins ranging from talkative NPC's with background stories and intense personalities, hundreds of game changing powerful customised mob bosses with special loot to redstone based elevators in buildings to horseback combat, bleeding mobs, heavy armour to player heads and even many realistic lore friendly crafting recipes for things like chainmail armour, horse armour, saddles, nametags, music discs and many many more!

If this interests you, then join our community in The Land Of AZELCRAFTMC! You will be surprised!

AzelcraftMC players are friendly and welcome all new players into the server community. We hope that new players integrate and become valuable parts of our community. Many long lasting friendships have been forged in AzelcraftMC. We invite you to be a part of our journey.


 was born from the vision of a few minecraft obsessed players who started a server when their favourite server went down. We decided that we wanted a server that focused on the needs of the players. We are against the pay to win philosophy that many servers follow. We wanted a server who's primary focus is making the game fun for everyone. We want to make a new generation of players relive the magic that we felt when we first played Minecraft. We focus all our resources on maintaining a fun server with zero lag and maximum uptime. We have a highly responsive admin system that resolves bugs and issues almost instantaneously.

We are a small server now that was private for many months and has recently opened to the public. Our goal is not to get many players. We want to build a wonderful community of friendly players who enjoy playing Minecraft together. We aim to create a positive gaming environment that players of all kinds will enjoy. And so far we have been very successful with our community. It makes us very happy when every player of ours soon starts talking about "Our server".

We have coded many plugins ourselves that have been customised to our server with the single objective of making gameplay on AzelcraftMC as interesting as we can, while maintaining the simplistic beauty of minecraft and its subjective realism. We do not clutter our perfectly optimised server with useless plugin clutter.

Our handpicked staff are all responsible, courteous and mature individuals who have invested large amounts of their time to the server and know that their job is not to rule the server and enforce rules mindlessly. The job of staff is to care for the needs of the players. We also do not tolerate ANY hackers or those who cheat at Minecraft and make our server less fun for other players.