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—=[WarOz ] =—

—=[WarOz ] =—
Bukkit Survival PVP Economy
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~~~~~ WarOz  ~~~~~


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Come Play Today!

  • Custom Coded Plugins!
  • Most Votes Competitions [Prizes! MineCraft Accounts!]
  •  Multiple Worlds (Factions, BuildZone And MiniGames)
  • 1000 Cash for voting!  
  •  Multiple Minigames Including spleef, parkour, Multiple Mob Arenas!
  •  Large Community!
A Bit More Information!


Widely vased PvP/Faction server that has custom coded plugins to provide the best possible faction gameplay!

We have a very awesome crew of staff who help out the server as much as possible.
New features are always being added to WarOz With our next project of HungerGames.
We also have a BuildZone world for people to build, with no worries in the world of getting your builds griefed by other players on the server


 Build up your faction. 
 Prove you are the best in our massive PVP Warzones. 
 Get tired of fighting? Try the countless Mini-Games. 
 Hundreds of players to fight with or against. 
 Economy and Auctions to trade with fellow players. 



~ Ranks On WarOz ~

1. Player - This is the rank that new players automatically get when they join. Players may place/destroy blocks and enjoy many features of our Faction and MiniGames  world.

2. Members - Member ranks are normally given out to regular players. The rank has everything that normal players get but they are just accepted as a regular user on WarOz!

3. Beta - These users have been around when the server was starting of. You wont see many of these ranks.

4. Silver, Gold & Platinum - Silver Members donate $5.00 Gold Members donate $10.00 and Platinum Members donate $30.00 to assist with the upkeep and maintenance of WarOz. We reward our premium members with many in game commands and features. Note: All the donator ranks have lot's of different abilities! All donations go directly towards the improvement of WarOz. [Donators can also apply for staff positions!

5. Builder - The builder rank does all the builds for the server, so the players can have the best time possible whilst playing on WarOz [ Only avaliable to donators if applications open ]

6. Moderator - Moderators are the first staff in WarOz they mostly handle server players and hand out warnings, temp bans to people who break the server rules. 

7. Global Moderators - Global Moderators are the maintain the moderation of the entire server. If a moderator cant fix what is wrong or give support the global moderators are next in line. 

8. Admins - These guys are the big dogs of the server. These people were hand picked by the owner to staff the server and keep everything basically in check.

9. Developers - The Developers on the server, code the plugins to what we need.