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Welcome to Vitalcraft!

We are now welcoming 1.9.2 clients!
We are gradually getting the gist of optimising the server to 1.9 and many of the server's features are being updated and added back.

PVP Arenas, Greif Prevention, 
Landclaim, Survival, Creative, Casinos, MCMMO

Vitalcraft is a unique, small and friendly community Minecraft Survival and Creative server hosted by Vital_Viper, and run by turnerluke1998 featuring great plugins to make your experience better!

The Admins work hard and do their very best to ensure all players have the greatest user experience ever! We hope that you can find a home here at Vitalcraft.

Some basic info:

You are free to build where you want in the survival world, just don't build too close to existing buildings.

You will receive free basic supplies upon joining the server, if you would prefer to go hardcore and start empty simply use the [disposal] sign located at spawn

We are always looking for mature players and staff positions are considered if you remain active and/or bring in new players but please don't ask for ranks or permissions on the server!

The server has 100 slots in total. Powered by a dedicated machine featuring 8GB RAM, SSD storage and an Intel Core i5 processor for the best experience. We are based in the United Kingdom so peak time is normally around 3pm - 10pm GMT.

If you require any more information please leave a comment in the comment section or visit our website:

Thank you for being part of our ever-growing community!