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Rags 2 Riches

Rags 2 Riches
Tekkit Survival Hardcore PVP Roleplay Economy
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Have you ever wanted to enjoy a challenging game of Minecraft? Have you ever wanted to feel real progression from the early game to the mid game? Have you ever wanted to adventure? Perhaps run a city with customisable NPC's? An actual storyline with team based warfare? Well, look no further!

The Rags2Riches server focuses on creating a hardcore experience that challenges the user whilst still providing an accessible and fun gameplay experience for all. The server uses a technic modpack for ease of use and simplicity and doesn't define how the player plays. If the player wishes to explore, they can do so with NPC castles, forts, dungeons and more! If they wish to follow a loose "storyline" they will be able to, with explorative features added in the form of quests. If the player wishes to build a city, go mining, hunt mobs, tame beasts and many more they can! The server also hosts monthly competitive events which players can take part in against the staff team and other players to win in-game ranks and items!

Some quotes from the players:

"Definitely did not conquer a castle and i'm /definitely/ not making it my home." - TheBetaTurkey

"hard" - General_Steel01 (when asked what he thought of the server)

The modpack for the server can be found here:

The ip for the server will be automatically included in the multiplayer section of the modpack

The modlist includes:

- Ancient Warfare

- Animal Bikes

- Arcane Scrolls

- Backpack

- Better Beginnings

- Craft Heraldry

- Damage indicators

- Deadly World

- Hardcore Questing Mode

- Lostbooks

- Lycanite's Mobs

- Metallurgy

- Not Enough Items

- Rei's Minimap

- Tinker's Construct