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1.10.2 Alanthya 4 Years of PVP and More

1.10.2 Alanthya 4 Years of PVP and More
Bukkit Survival Creative Hardcore PVP Roleplay Economy
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Alanthya: Beyond Minecraft

Rewarding Gameplay with a Premium Experience

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Welcome to Alanthya, designed to be the most enjoyable server you'll ever play! We are more than Minecraft. With massive amounts of content, you will never find yourself bored! Explore monumental cities filled to the brim with secrets to be discovered. Beat our story-line complete with interactive NPC's, quests, and Boss Battles! Unlock customized items with epic abilities as you progress in the storyline. Will you be the first to behold The Rose Blade?


Alanthya is also designed to be a Premium PvP Survival Experience!

  • Touting mcMMO for skill leveling. A heads up display showing armor damage on the fly, and secure anti-pvp logging, you'll never be disapointed.
  • Command an army of Faction Mobs. Turn raids into all out wars! Build a mob  of Titans, Swordsmen,  Mages, and Archers!
  • Chose between 7 different classes of Supernaturals. Each with their own unique abilities giving you an edge on many different aspects of pvp and general survival.
  • Unique Item Lores. When crafting tools, weapons, or armor, there is a chance of creating an item with special lores which increase its potency. Some ability types are extra health, extra damage, resistance, speed, haste, and more. Many types are super rare!
  • Earn your slice of Alanthya through our economy system. Get Rupees by voting, getting a few /jobs, and trading with our admin shops/auction system/or players market.
  • Protect your home from griefers with protection stones! Create a PvP free zone with Dragon Eggs, and be notified of raiders with Proximity Snitches. (Useful for watching your most valuable chests to protect from lock pickers)
  • Rewarding voting system. Each vote earns you Rupees, diamonds, and credit to use towards donor items, loyal players are recognized!
  • Survive the terror of Bloodmoon when evil comes out to play. Highly dangerous mobs will seek out the weaklings, the strong will reap the spoils of double XP
  • Monthly Thunder Dome Event - Settle your beef! Player locations are visible on DynMap, Lock picking becomes easier, faction claiming costs nearly nothing. Only if you dare to stalk your objective through a land flodded with Boss Mobs.

Server IP:


Login to the server and follow the instructions.

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Some of our plugins include:








Sky Wars

Sky Land


Armor Abilities, and lots more!

Dedicated Cracked Server
4.2 Ghz 8-Core,
32gb ddr3, SATA 6.0 SSD
60/60 Connection

Over 4 years of Online