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Minecraft Vanilla Server 1.10.2 [BEST ANARCHY2016]

Minecraft Vanilla Server 1.10.2 [BEST ANARCHY2016]
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within 5 minutes of entering the server I had someone tp me up top of a tower and knocked me off and stole my minewind guide then told me to send him memes to get it back I send him my rarest pepes and he still didn't trade it to me. 5 minutes after that someone killed him and stole my guide then killed me and told me to "get good you cheeky cunt" so I told him I cant because I just gave what was most dear to me to the person he just killed and he said " you fukin wot m9" and I was like I don't know what that means is m9 a person. and he was like " I fukt your bitch" so I just alt+f4'd for the night and cried myself to sleep hoping shrek would come and protect me. while I was crying I heard a whisper of wind from the window behind me. "Shrek is Love, Shrek is life" a deep voice said. I knew instantly. it was shrek. he came for me. he is my one. he is my only. and he told me "Get back on minewind. minewind has layers. tell everyone about shrek" so I got back on and told that man what shrek had told me. he told me that he accepts shrek as his lord and savior. I told him "shrek is love. shrek is life." he told me "I'm not salty anymore" and gave me a fishing pole named salty along with my minewind guide. I hugged him and was on my way. this is why minewind is my game to play. shrek is the one who kept me on this server. no one messed with me until someone named "dankdolan69" raided my house and pissed on The Dudes rug. he refused to replace it. someone left me 300 signs with this posted on most of em "We're no strangers to love.