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Dragon Block C: Raging Blast! 

The Dragon Ball server to end all Dragon Ball servers. At DBC: Raging Blast, we strive to achieve the absolute best Dragon Ball related experience we possibly can. So much, that we run our server with a variety of mods, to make the experience longer, more enjoyable, and with far, far more content than vanilla Minecraft can go. We offer a vast variety of roleplay, competitive, and friendly opportunities for each and every player. Run with a Technic Modpack, we strive to give you the best experience we can, without any hastle toward the player. With the faction system, we give each player the ability to start, and see their very own army, gang, or other groups grow, and prosper. With a friendly, helpful staff, and regularly visiting players, each visit is sure to be just as enjoyable as the last. Along with our healthy community, the staff and owner of DBC: Raging Blast work to make your play more, and more enjoyable. With custom sagas, the very latest update to each mod, and tournaments weekly, we ensure that no day goes without enjoyment. 

Play the way you want! Whether you want to play as the fastest Arcosian alive, outwitting opponents with pure speed, or you want to play the brutish, hulking monster of a saiyan, making any foe tremble at the sight of even the slightest Super Saiyan Transformation, we ensure you any possibility, and a fair game no matter what. 

The owner of DBC: Raging Blast works diligently to ensure that every player has a hastle-free, and enjoyable experience, even in simply starting the game. The server runs on a multitude of mods, all of which can be automatically installed, with just a few simple steps. 

1. First off, you need to install the Technic Launcher, found here: 

2. Once the Launcher has been installed, simply go to the 'Modpacks' tab, and search 'Dragon Block Raging Blast' 

3. From there, you can click the install button, to install the modpack. Wait for a bit, and once the install is complete, click play. 

4. Wait for Minecraft to start up, click Multiplayer, and connect to the server, to begin a Dragon Ball experience as best as we can offer!