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BusinessCraft • CityRP | Economy | Survival

BusinessCraft • CityRP | Economy | Survival
Bukkit Survival Roleplay Economy
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Welcome to Businesscraft!
Are you ready to explore a new role play server? Are you ready to adventure the city and find your destiny? BusinessCraft is a minecraft-survival City Roleplay server that uses custom-easy to use plugins to enhance the real life experience. The server includes a wide selection of jobs such as: Carpenter, Taxi Driver, Brewer, Entrepreneur, and many more jobs. It's also a democratic server with elections!

Server Dynamic Map
View our server dynamic map by clicking here.

Discord Server / Forums
To Join our Server Discord/Forums, you must join the server by using the server IP and type /links. You will find an array of links, including the server’s website/forums, the Discord server as well as the Store & Dynmap.

City Life!
Live in a cozy house in the suburbs while also building your business empire. Run your business, it can be anything! You pick the name, you manage it and your employees. BusinessCraft offers players to do anything! For example, run your very own coffee shop! Brew special beverages for guests and sell them for money!Alcoholic beverages are available as well; don’t drink too much or you’ll become tipsy! Or, you can become a doctor and treat patients at the hospital.

Become a famous Entrepreneur!

  • Pass the Entrepreneur Exam at the University.
  • Create your company and pick a name!
  • Pick your Company's Purpose!
  • Run your company!

Become apart of one of the Departments of the Government! For these positions, you will need to fill out an application online to prove your worth;

  • Department of Justice (Police Officers); become a Police Officer and protect the community by overseeing nobody breaks the law!
  • Department of Construction (Constructors); become a Constructor and build in the Government cities!
  • Department of Health (Hospital Secretary); Manage doctors and oversee the hospitals!
  • Department of Public Affairs (Community Coordinators); Oversee planning events, City Relations, Media, and Community Feedback!
  • Department of Employment (Employment Managers); Manage the jobs that citizens of the city can get!

Become part of the Parliament! Create, Edit, Delete and Vote on bills soon to become laws! BusinessCraft is a Democratic Server.

Once your gain enough money, create your own city! You are the mayor of that city; you run it, hire Councillors on your team and create the best city ever!

For quicker transportation, especially between cities, the server offers Vehicles and an Airport system.

Wild Life!
You can choose to live in the wild! Adventure the fierce survival world and build your base. Collect resources to sell them to players or the Government! Regioning your base creates a secure anti-griefing barrier. It prevent players from destroying or stealing anything out of your chests.

Join us today, and prepare to adventure the city or wild to find your destiny!