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Woodland Federation

Woodland Federation
Tekkit Survival Economy
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Avatar Registered February 14, 2017 tntkat923 DoomDestroyer98 tntkat923 xEddman37x tntkat923

Welcome to The Woodland Federation! 

We are a unique Modpack server using an entirely custom-made collection of mods with something to please every interest. 

The Woodland Federation is a server based on survival and leisure combined. We have many helpful plugins such as PermissionsEx, TreeCapitator, and GriefPrevention to name a few. We're a fun-loving bunch who are dedicated to showing our players a good time, no matter who they are. We are a family friendly server that welcomes all. 

We have a ranks system that is earned, not purchased. We have 3 time-earned ranks so far and plan to add more in the future. 

We have so many different kinds of mods there are almost too many to list! Some categories are as follows! 

- Advanced Genetics 
- BuildCraft 
- Computer Craft 
- EnderIO 
- IndustrialCraft 2 

- Blood Magic 
- Magical Crops 
- ThaumCraft 
- Witchery 

Adventure / World: 
- Aether II 
- Biomes O' Plenty 
- Forestry 
- Fossils Archaeology Revival 
- GalactiCraft 
- Nether Ores 
- Opals Plus 
- Rouge-like Dungeons 
- Twilight Forest 

- Backpacks 
- BiblioCraft 
- ProjectE 
- Iron Chest 

- Carpenter's Blocks 
- Chisel 
- DecoCraft 
- Mr. Crayfish's Furniture 

- Animal Bikes 
- Archimedes Ships 
- Better Records 
- Butterfly Mania 
- ChocoCraft 
- Clay Soldiers 
- Doggy Style 
- Dragon Mounts 
- Exotic Birds 
- Hamsterrific 
- Hats 
- Inventory Pets 
- Minecraft Comes Alive 
- Open Blocks 
- Orespawn 
- Pam's HarvestCraft 
- Tinker's Construct 

This list only names some of the many wonderful mods featured by The Woodland Federation. Come join us to know the full list! 

In order to join the server, you must have version 1.0 of the Woodland Federation Technic Pack installed. 
If you need any help joining, please let me know in the comments and I'll gladly assist you! 
Our IP is: 

We hope to see you there, and as out MOTD says, Come Join the Fun! 

-tntkat923, Owner of Woodland Federation 

Click me to join our Discord! 

P.S. in an attempt to grow, we will be offering $10,000 to players who invite a friend! You can invite as many as you want, and you'll get $10,000 for every friend you invite!