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Renzoku Survival

Renzoku Survival
Bukkit Survival Creative PVP Roleplay Economy
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The server is constantly under construction/ undergoing maintenance - whatever you want to call it. It will remain open as it has in the past while I am building and configuring everything.

I welcome you to join me during this time. Come play, explore, create, help out, hang out, etc. Feedback is welcome, but please be respectful. I currently run the server by myself. As more people join, the need will arise for me to start hiring staff.

The server has several different worlds to play in. There is a Spigot-enhanced survival world as well as an vanilla survival world, a games world, and a creative world.

The server is currently running Spigot 1.13.1...this is a somewhat stable, yet still experimental build at this point. Things are becoming more stable as time goes by. There still could be loss of data or other unforeseen consequences as future updates are rolled out. Plugins are being updated almost every minute at this point. So far, all worlds have imported properly, and the portals are all working. Nearly all data has successfully been imported, so /sethomes and other stored info  should still work and inventories should be intact!