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Renzoku Survival

Renzoku Survival
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***UPDATE #2   7/4/2019***
Asking 'Can I get on the whitelist? My MC name is 'yadayada' - is not going to get you on the whitelist. Following simple instructions and answering a few basic questions, on the other hand, greatly increases your chances. This is a reiteration of sentence two and three of today's first update.

***UPDATE   7/4/2019***
The server is now whitelisted. To get access to check out the server, announce yourself on Discord with the MC name you would like to log on with. As long as you follow the directions listed in the channel you started in(You may still be disqualified based on your answers to the questions in that channel) and log in somewhat regularly, at the very least 3-4 times a week AND follow the server rules, you will remain on the whitelist. I will be auditing the whitelist on a weekly basis to keep it up to date. If you know you're not going to be logging on for an extended period of time but do plan on returning, leave a comment here or a dm to Densetsu_no on Discord.

We are currently running PaperSpigot 1.14.3.

We have several plugins that enhance vanilla gameplay such as Grief Prevention, EssentialsX, Autorank, as well as voting rewards.

I welcome you to join us. Come play, explore, create, help out, hang out, etc. All ages are welcome, so please be respectful.

The server plugins are updated on a daily basis along with a daily server restart to maintain that zero lag and near 100 uptime were famous for. Major server updates are posted on the server website, so check there often.

Server is now whitelisted. Use our Discord to apply for the whitelist.

If accepted, welcome to Renzoku Survival!