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Hellenic Factions

Hellenic Factions
Bukkit Survival PVP Economy
1234 Days
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Avatar Registered March 22, 2017 thelilsteve royal_bg JuulMann Stabvest JuulMann

Compatible 1.8-1.14]

Hellenic Factions, once Puncraft, is a player vs. player factions server which strives to bring back the old PVP to its fullest. Hellenic Factions has a working shop, which sells spawners among other things.
Voting on the server rewards you 10 diamonds and lots of other rewards and chances at getting lucky and gaining 5-10k off of a single vote! Hellenic Factions is a growing community that aims at growing as much as possible into a lively and competitive community.

Run by TheEpicPun and Littlethreat, the server has a working donation store, which makes buying ranks very easy! Join today with all your friends and engage in many battles and activities! Don't worry, we also have an enderpearl cooldown along with God Apple cooldown to keep the pvping very fresh and organic!

Some plugins we have:

Auctions: Allows players to auctions items they would like to sell to others.

HealthBar: Allows players to see other players Health as they fight!

/wild: For new players, doing this command will randomly teleport you into the world so you do not have to worry about escaping players getting to that good spot to build!

SilkSpawners: Allows spawners to be mined with a silk touch pickaxe and blowing them up gives the player a 50% chance of getting the spawner!

AuctionHouse: Similar to auction this allows the player to auction things but rather in a GUI shop for a few days so when you're offline players can still buy your item!

Crates: Similar to cases in the popular game Counter-Strike:GO this gives players keys to open crates located in spawn to get a variety of items helping them in their adventures!

Lottery: This plugin allows players to drop their earned In-Game money into a pot for a chance to win all the money in the pot!

Killstreaks: This broadcasts whenever a player is on a killstreak and how large the streak is! As well as showing who ends a players streak adding more competitiveness to PvP!

Join today!