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Hellenic Factions

Hellenic Factions
Bukkit Survival PVP Economy
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What does Semi-Anarchy mean?

Semi-Anarchy means the only rule is no hacking, you can say and do whatever you want!

Factions: Our version of factions comes jam packed with factions fly as well as faction warps for any donors! (you can USE a faction warp as a non-donor)

Crates: Our crates offer a variety of rewards that are able to be opened from things such as voting, or purchasing keys or receiving keys from various tasks like vote party! Every crate has the chance to net a spawner out of it!

Silk Spawners: All mob spawners are able to be broken with a pickaxe that has the Silk Touch enchantment on it, this feature is available to all players.

Obsidian Breaker: This plugin is essential for factions servers so of course we also have it! TNT breaks obsidian in 4 direct shots.

Vote Rewards: Every vote gives you a chance at loot from the vote crate as well as a chance at 100k! Other Lucky rewards include Kraken Keys (Highest Tier Crate) as well as things like Shulker boxes and Netherite!

Custom Recipes: For Hoppers and God Apples the recipes have been changed to make both of these items harder to get making the server a little more fair in terms of pvp and money making.

We will also be doing an f top prize for the map. The top 3 factions will be receiving these prizes.
#3 - $10 (+1) Rank Upgrade
#2 - $25 (+2) Rank Upgrades
#1 - $50 (+3) Rank Upgrades