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**** Room 120 *** [1.4.4] ****

**** Room 120 *** [1.4.4] ****
Bukkit Survival PVP Economy
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Room 120 is a survival server with 24/7 uptime. We hope to create a PVP atmosphere that can also be avoided, if PVP is not the player’s main interest.


Room 120 also features a stable economy that is fueled by our extensive shops system, where items can be sold and purchased.

Bounty System

Our unique Bounty System also contributes to the server economy, as well as provides an incentive for PVP. Bounties are randomly placed on players by the server, and can also be put on players by their enemies. Bounties fluctuate after a player kills someone or dies. This challenges the strong PVP players by gradually increasing their bounty.

PVP Islands

We have a unique area known as the PVP Islands, where the /spawn command is disabled, and hazards such as water, lava, and the extreme elevation of these floating islands create an intense PVP arena. If you are injured, simply go to the spawn and enjoy the free benefits of our hospital which heals and feeds you upon entering the building.

Biome Teleports

We have unique Biome Teleports. Upon joining the server, you can pick any biome you wish to build in and simply enter its portal, where you can then build in the environment you wish.

Land Protection

No worries, though, griefing is not allowed and virtually impossible with our protection plugins. Our protection system is completely in the players hands– no waiting on an admin to get your plots of land protected.


Of course, not only is griefing forbidden, but we also prevent stealing with an easy locking plugin. Lock your doors, chests, and more. You can even protect our items with a password!


Quests are being developed as we speak. In the future players will be able to old dialogs with NPCs and participate in dangerous quests with lavish rewards.


There are many more features in our grand spawn and server, whose discovery I will leave up to you.

Our Staff is very friendly and we are still looking for players who excel in graphic design, video editing, or building. Players with these capabilities who are willing to help the server, could receive ranks.

We see many new visitors every day,  and hope to create a regular crowd of players in the near future.

Another quality we hope to excel in is our openness to new ideas. We especially want our players who stick with us from the beginning, to have a large say in how the server functions, and what new features are added. We want our players to shape their experience on Room 120.

We accept ideas, questions, and comments in-game or through our email:[email protected]