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Mianite – Bossanite

Mianite – Bossanite
Bukkit Survival PVP Roleplay
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On this server, we have McMMO, PvP, and Community Quests. We have been up for a month and plan on being around for a bit longer. We have Mature Staff and kind players. We are also a very welcoming community and will answer any possible question you may have for us! <- Spawn and WizHQ

For those who do not know, Mianite was a series created by SynHD and II_Jericho_II. It was a sort of loose episodic adventure that fueled our creativity and minds as children, though unfortunately never got a Season 3. It involves three Gods and their worshipers who follow them. We also have Wizards, who build requests of varying sizes for the price of diamonds.

Mianite - The God of the over-world - a sort of parallel to our real-life God. He represents light and goodness. His followers try to bring peace to the land.

Ianite - The Goddess of the End, represents balance and neutrality. Her followers try to maintain a balance between Mianite and Dianite.

Dianite - The opposite of Mianite. He is the god of the Nether. He is clever and mischievous. Most out for his followers, as they're usually troublemakers.

P.S. There's a day called the Purge, and it runs all through Saturdays in GMT timezone. It's a day for vengeance, teaming, and the like. Greifing is still not tolerated. (More purge rules are located here: (At the area where it mentions "Purge Rules"! All chests are fair game.