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Chaos Craft: Cascadia

Chaos Craft: Cascadia
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Beautiful docks for fishing, ocean travel, and viewing the landscape.

Capitol Square

Enjoy the breathtaking views of Capitol Square... when it's not a rainy mess. Be careful though, our beautiful square is prime real estate for armed robberies. Nothing to worry about though, move along traveler!



Gather around the campfire with your fellow citizens and sing Kumbaya! Just watch out for the guy next to you... pufferfish breath can be fatal.

Secret Bunkers


Looks like a picture of a cute dog, but it's really a secret bunker built deep under a large mountain. I've already said too much... They're after me now!


Play the slots, blackjack, or Texas Hold'em in our capital's premiere casino. Even rent the Penthouse suite to make the gambling palace your place of residence. Just remember, the house always wins.

Advanced Genetics

Using the advanced genetics plugin, you can insert genes that allow you to breathe flaming balls of fire, fly, or climb tall buildings like spiderman.

Special Administrative Region (City Zone) Information:


The money for Cascadia is the Cascadian Pound. The Cascadian Pound is issued by the Royal Bank of Cascadia.

Grid_EmeraldpngCP £500
ImageCP £200
imagesqtbnANdGcQQQQXRxugRzmxOOc CP £100
Image CP £50
Image CP £20
Image CP 
Image CP 
Image CP 

The Cascadian Pound can be obtained by exchanging the above items for currency at the set price above (it should not change) at the Royal Bank of Cascadia.

If you need to make money find a player who has a job for you or find a government job.
Government Jobs (Paid Every 24 Hours):

If you're an active player you can apply for a government job and get paid every 24 hours if you logged in that day.


Guardsman - £1000
Specialist - 
Sergeant - 
Warrant Officer - 
Chief Warrant Officer (1 Position -- Limited) - 
Lieutenant (4 Positions -- Limited) - 
Captain (4 Positions -- Limited) - 
Major (1 Position -- Limited) - £20000
Lieutenant Colonel (1 Position -- Limited) - 
Colonel (1 Position -- Limited) - £30000


Ambassador (Faction's Helper) - £5000
Regional Governor - £10000 + £500 Per Active Resident For Regional Maintenance/Projects.
Magistrate of the Cascadian Courts of Admiralty (Magistrate's Court) - 
Judge of the Cascadian Courts of Admiralty (High Court) - £20000
Judge of the Cascadian Courts of Admiralty (Supreme Court) - £25000 **
The Exalted Governor-General - 
The Sovereign, King of Cascadia - 

** This Special pay grade only applies to Governors on days they serve on the Supreme Court. Pay is swapped out for this flat amount for those days.

Soft Limit for Cascadian Pound in circulation is currently set at CP £10,000,000 to try avoiding hyperinflation seen frequently on other servers. The Royal Bank of Cascadia enforces this soft limit through various tactics.

Special Jobs:

Royal Bank of Cascadia Agent: 10% of Collections + £2000


Be careful! If you get caught committing a crime you can be arrested and fined, jailed, or even executed if convicted of it.


The world of Cascadia is obviously governed by the server owner, and individual regions by Governors who are just normal players like you. We want our players to participate in how this server is run, so charter a region or apply for a job! We want our players to build the server into whatever it turns out to be and let them for the most part run things, so don't be afraid to jump in! We won't bite... unless you didn't pay your taxes of course.


There are no "safe zones" on our server. You're responsible for protecting yourself, your region, and your property.


Worldguard protected housing is available for rent all throughout the world. Right click any rent sign to get a protected property.


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