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Spinalcraft Network

Spinalcraft Network
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The Spinalcraft Network is a network of two survival servers! We are a small, tight knit community that loves to hang out and have fun!

Spinalcraft One is the original server on the Spinalcraft Network. This server has been in operation since late 2013 and features a very vanilla game play! There is an array of anti-greifing  plugins on the server to keep our builds safe, and we also feature a Spinalcraft exclusive plugin for teleporting! This server's world has not been reset, so it features 4 years of rich history to explore!

Spinalcraft Two was founded in August of 2017! This server was made to keep our community interested and fresh! This server was a brand new start for those calling for a world reset and features a mostly vanilla gameplay with a few quality of life improvements! This server is planned to be reset every year or two!

Our staff team is a mature, well-versed team! All of us have been around Spinal for 2+ years and are very reasonable! We as a community howerver, do not stand for griefing or "mod-hacking" the game!

Please join us at our reddit to join the server! There is much to see both on our reddit and our discord!


We are a whitelisted community!


Currently running Minecraft 1.12.1