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Bukkit Survival PVP
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Welcome to the best thing since sliced bread.

Who we are: ToastCraft
What we are about: SMP with PVP Turned On
What we are not about: griefing
Mob Griefing: On for Villagers so they can harvest. Off for Enderman, Ghasts, Creepers on surfaces.
Keep Inventory: off (items drop upon death)
Firespread: off
We are ToastCraft. We are simple survival multiplayer with pvp turned on. No pay to win. We are named after a type of bread that people decided to cook again after already being baked once. You start with 3 /sethomes. After becoming a member, you get access to an additional /sethome and /jumpto which will move you to where you're looking.
Also, there are PVP arena areas where you can fight without risk of losing your inventory or XP. You can access these at spawn.
Spawners can be mined with silk touch pickaxes. Spawners can be changed using mob spawn eggs that are rare drops upon killing mobs.
Welcome to ToastCraft.
* Server Name: ToastCraft
* Server Location: United States East Coast
* Website: Just join the discord.
* Server Address:
* Game Play Type/s: PVP on semi vanilla and survival
The chat is relaxed and generally not very serious. With that said, here are the rules.
* No grief (ToastCraft defines grief as modifying anything another player placed, whether breaking or adding to it without their permission. To be clear, this includes builds/properties not protected by GriefPrevention.)
* No spamming
* Cheating is not allowed. (X-Ray functions of clients, or X-Ray Resource packs, or Kill Aura) (Optifine, Minimaps with waypoints, Macromods are allowed. AFK Fishing is allowed without auto-scripts or modifications at this time. )
* Do not impede staff
* No bullying, this includes repeated killings. If the player has asked you to stop, please stop.
* Chat is pretty lenient and you may say most things. In the case of harassment or personal attacks, it is strongly encouraged to use /ignore, mute, block, etc. Please ping a mod or admin if you need further assistance.
Join our discord to get more info.
Use /rtp or /wild to find a random place to build. /back is also enabled which will take you back to your previous location. You get three homes at first and a fourth when you become a member.
PLEASE NOTE: When you first join you will be in a rules/tutorial area where you cannot speak. This is a spam bot prevention measure and will be over once you complete that area.