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Hi everybody, 

we, the [gKo] clan, is hosting a premium Minecraft server. But why should you care?

Well, although we're a German multigaming clan and hosting a server located in Germany, we're getting players from all over the world together.
Why is that? Our player base is growing because we've got a lot to offer: 

Many different worlds and play styles on a single server: 

- "Survival PlotMe" and "Creative PlotMe" worlds: 
Here you can build your creations either alone or with your friends, safe from griefers.

- "Survival Switch" world: 
This is the normal Minecraft world. Here you can get your resources for your Survival plots. Griefing is allowed in this world so be careful of pursuers!

- "SuperPlotMe" world:
The home of community projects and all kinds of arenas (PvP, Monster, Spleef, Jump). Also there are our popular Nuketown PvP Arena (Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer map) and our popular Poolday Mob Arena (Countersrike, Day of Defeat multiplayer map).
You can also get sponsored by us (free permissions and access!) if you want to build an interesting project.

- "Hunger Games" world:
We're also planning to set up a Hunger Games world. If our plans fail, we will might open up a different server to support this mode.

"SkyIsland" world
We starting a Beta Version of our SkyIsland World. If you want to build something here you have to craft it
into the Switchworld. Every player will get a small Island of..... Inspiration.. and can build what every you want. 
The island is automatically protected BUT PvP is on :) and your Neighbor is just 100 blocks beside you:)

Many useful and powerful plugins and functions:

- "Buycraft" plugin:
Do you want to donate to help us? Do you want to get additional permissions to access functions like WorldEdit? Now you can do both at the same time (if you want to). buycraft gibes you the possibility to purchase item and permission packages.

- "Economy" plugin:
You don't want to spend your real cash? No problem, there's also an ingame economy where you can buy and sell blocks and items using "ingame currency".

A dedicated admin team:

- We opened this server because we wanted to try out Minecraft. This whole project grew bigger over time and it will continue to get bigger and we are there to support our community. We got other gameservers into the top 10 of the world (MW3 GunGame) and we'll do our best to give you the best experience on our Minecraft server, too.

- Another server, a "Creative PlotMe" server, is also planned for the future.

- We don't recruit admins or owners at the moment but we do recruit new clan members. Nevertheless, we do not intend to give our members unfair advantages. We want to see people playing fair (as far as manners are concerned, griefing is allowed afterall).

We want YOU to join us on our servers! The place to contact us? Head over to for more information and announcements!

Our Minecraft server:
Version 1.4.2

Our Teamspeak 3 server:
IP only: