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FastCraft Cracked

FastCraft Cracked
Bukkit Survival Creative PVP Roleplay Economy
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Avatar Registered September 22, 2018 Jac Jacksam TheoraticallyMe Pamphlet TheoraticallyMe

Welcome to our server!

We are a factions/survival/economy/creative server

We started this server about a month ago today 10/19/2018 with the simple dream of bringing a community of friendly players together to create some nice builds, enjoy the chat and really enjoy minecraft for what it is.

Lets get started with how the server works.

When you first join you will be asked to register with a password, please make this something other than password.

you will be greeted with our holograms plugin which tells you to /warp wild

This is where the fun really begins!

You will be taken to the wild in which your new adventure begins, as a member you can not teleport to anyone, its simple survival starting out.

Take you time and find a nice spot to mine, create a faction and make your land grow adding more members!

You will find it is a very easy to navigate server with a super easy economy!

once you are done mining you can issue the command /warp shop and sell what you have mined!

Once you reach 1mil you are able to buy our VIP rank which will give you creative mode!

This mode will not allow you to glitch items or sell them or store them!

This is not a pay to win server, this is a server focused on the members and community!

We do not allow hackers and hackers are auto banned by our anticheat!

you can do the simple command /warp to see all of our warps!

So many places to go, so much time to spend with the rest of the community!

We hope to see you all on our server!


Updated 7-27-2019