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Uthrandir – Fantasy Roleplay

Uthrandir – Fantasy Roleplay
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We believe in the limitless power of the imagination. People should be able to express themselves freely without any inhibition or fear of judgment. We believe that role-playing is one of the highest forms of creative expression for it has the possibility of combining all forms of art; music, visual art and writing. We believe that when role-playing, players should be allowed to breathe and grow in a space that creates a mature and nurturing role-play experience. Players should be able to explore a fully immersible and interactive world, filled with a rich history and lore created by the very players that inhabit it. We believe that all players should be respected, appreciated and treated fairly at all times; that there should be a place of escape from the rigors of life. The fruition and realization of these beliefs and ideals have created the lands of Uthrandir. If you believe what we believe, then “you have finally found your home.”

On Uthrandir you take a step into a friendly role-playing community led by a respectful administrative and moderating team. Together we have already been able to accomplish many things, such as:

* A custom realistic world map
* A comprehensive player-generated history & lore
* Custom created plugins
* An intricate system of territory roleplay-ownership
* A dynamic transport network
* An ever growing road system
* And an enjoyable and quality roleplay atmosphere

Help us take your roleplay to the next level and achieve even more together. Join us on !