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Terris Survival Games – Vita

Terris Survival Games – Vita
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Hey guys, I just created a survival games server based on the recent hunger games. I run it off a Minecraft Community called Terris but it's open to anyone and everyone to try out! Check it out! Happy Survival Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Terris Minecraft Community

For those who wonder what our Minecraft Community is about:
Terris is a community server ready to fill your needs of adventure, creativity, and inspiration in Minecraft! We build large economies, beautiful towns, and fun underground bases for ntotal enjoyment of our people. We all start from the beginning, with no money and trees around for wood axes - a survivor in the ashes. In no time, you'll be quickly rising to the ranks of a resident and raise towns of your dreams as a architect of wonders.
We're a multiplayer server welcoming anyone into our community. We concentrate on building a strong and fun community. Have fun meet players that express their creativity and participating in different events. Even more, we build on a stable society, one that builds upon strong economic fundamentals. So if you're looking for a safe place to build and be creative, this is definitely the place for you. Our motive is to keep griefers OUT, with helpful, friendly protection plugins always making sure your house is well protected.
Whether it's to chat with others and have a great time or to meet other friendly and helpful players, we're there to be a great community. You can be a part of a community where you know everyone, one where your input matters to the staff. Changes suggested by the players are implemented every week. We are all that and more!
We're a close community. You can assure yourself knowing that you will be greeted whenever you log on. Make friends, join groups, and have fun! We build community projects to help realize the large ideas within our community! We have dedicated staff where everyone is trained and dedicated to helping new players and aiming for a fun environment. We also have weekly polls to get your feedback on how things are running, ideas for the future, and for how we can improve. The community forums are used to for suggestions and discussion. Finally our game nights allow many players to gather to participate in events on the server.